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Cystic Fibrosis Median Survival Rate Has Quadrupled Since the 60s

Recent adaptations to cystic fibrosis

In a proactive move, all states in the U.S. now automatically screen the blood of newborns for abnormal pancreatic values as an indicator for possible CF. If the test is positive, a routine sweat test measuring the salt in the baby's perspiration is a sure diagnosis of the condition. (This test remains a traditional and reliable approach for diagnosing CF.)

Currently the world-wide leader in the search for a cure of CF is the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, headquartered in Bethesda, MD. They fund “promising research” and advancements toward “quality, specialized care and treatments.” According to their website, “Nearly every CF drug available today was made possible because of the Foundation’s support.” The Foundation provides early stage funding to numerous ongoing drug studies. (The FDA has recently approved two new drugs for the treatment of CF.)

It’s noteworthy that The CF Foundation provides free genetic testing for all people diagnosed with cystic fibrosis. They also help fund, authorize, and oversee CF Care Centers across the U.S.

There is also an international network to assist people with or do research into CF. They include one in Australia, 21 in North America, 7 in European countries, and 4 international groups.