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Cystic Fibrosis Sufferer Meets Donor of Life-saving Transplant

Exceptional results

After her lung transplantation, Selwa’s lung function improved from 22% to 96%, enabling her to breathe normally and start running. “I got into yoga five years ago. It's really important to me, as it's kept my body so strong, I was able to recover from the transplant really quickly.Most people take months to recover, but I was out of the hospital in two weeks. Even when I was really sick and wanted to lie in bed all day, I got on my mat, so my body didn't deteriorate. Before my transplant, I'd get up at 4am to do my treatment for about an hour, but still couldn't breathe. I'd still take my children to school and fight for every breath, but the transplant completely changed my life” she said.

Following a waiting period of six months, Selwa was given permission to write to her donor family through an organization working with families of organ donors and recipients, known as the Southwest Transplant Alliance. “It was always something I knew I'd do, because I wanted to be able to say thank you. I never expected anything back, but I'm so thankful that she replied” she said. Remembering her daughter’s wish to become an organ donor, Kimber recalls: “Kendall got her driving licence when she was 17 and when she was filling in the form, she turned to me and asked, "Should I be an organ donor?" I replied "Well, do you want to be?" She said it was something she would really like to do. Even if we hadn't had that conversation, I know I would have wanted her to be, but it meant I had no hesitation. I agreed for her heart, lungs, liver, kidney and even her uterus and corneas to be used, because I felt that although I had lost her, she could save so many others.”