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Cystic Fibrosis Sufferer Meets Donor of Life-saving Transplant

The importance of being an organ donor

Today, Kimber and Selwa are encouraging other individuals to discuss organ donations with their families and friends. Despite experiencing a few complications with her newly received organ, Selwa is determined to keep on speaking out and fighting for support of organ donations. She stated “I think talking to your family about what happens to you after death still has a real stigma. No one likes to talk about death, but it's so important. There are so many organs that haven't been used because people haven't had that conversation with loved ones.Kimber has been very brave. She lost her child, yet has been so loving and accepting towards me. I want to help her family to remember Kendall through me.” Kimber added “Together we can give such a unique perspective to raising awareness of cystic fibrosis and organ donation. I am glad that I can do this in Kendall's memory.”