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Model Citizen: Cystic Fibrosis Patient Uses Instagram to Inspire Others

Doctors' opinions

So, how do the people who thought Sophie wouldn't even live past her teens feel about her new lifestyle? Sophie says, "My doctors think I'm nuts but they also find my attitude refreshing. Some people with CF feel there is no point in trying."

With Sophie's continued success and prolonged life expectancy, it is possible that doctors will begin to advise patients to engage in physical activity more than is currently suggested. Of course, it is doubtful many others will be likely to run marathons like Sophie, but heightened fitness could be beneficial, especially if Sophie is correct in her belief that fitness not only changed her life, but saved it. 

Sophie's experience shows the importance of physical health across the board, whether someone has a genetic disease themselves or not. With healthy living, even the most dire of diagnoses can sometimes be overcome. Even if not, a healthy lifestyle will result in living life to the fullest every day.