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Model Citizen: Cystic Fibrosis Patient Uses Instagram to Inspire Others

Sharing her story

Sophie stuck to the commitment she made to herself that day in the hospital, and it hasn't only affected her. By blogging her every experience and fitness movement, she has built a network of support with friends and supporters. These posts inspired others that were also suffering from CF, that might not have otherwise had any access to someone else going through the same thing they were. Sophie explained, "The unfortunate thing about cystic fibrosis is you can’t meet other people with it because of the risk of cross-contamination of lung infections.

But blogging and social media meant I could reach them and encourage them to be positive and look after themselves."

However, it isn't a one-way street. Sophie may indeed be an inspiration to her followers, but they support her back. When she was hospitalized for the second time, she received an overwhelming number of well-wishes about her treatment and prayers to get better.