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Cystic Fibrosis Treatment Can Be Overwhelming: Here's How to Prepare

Consideration of the patient's feelings

Always ask yourself: Are my feelings being considered?

On the other hand, some doctors are so much about the bedside manner you can almost forget that they're doctors and not your kindergarten teacher (assuming your kindergarten teacher was a sweetheart). These doctors sometimes seem to put your tender feelings above your medical care, comforting you before you have even been upset. For some patients, it feels like a waste of time to be constantly comforted when you would rather get to the point.

For others, it is a wonderful feeling to have a doctor who cares so deeply, and it builds a connection that makes you trust them with your personalized care. Depending on which of these you are, or maybe you're somewhere in the middle, you have a few options. You can voice to them that you do not need all the comfort they are giving you, and that you are really fine (although, they are likely not to believe it). You can give in and sob to them. Or, you can simply accept the care they are giving you, regardless of what level of "need" you have for it.