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Birth Control Pills Linked to Decreased Risk of Rheumatoid Arthritis

Birth Control Pills: Health risks associated with contraceptives

Health risks associated with contraceptives

While there are many benefits that contraceptives provide, there are also some risks that women should be aware of.

Risks For Women Who Smoke - Women who smoke have a much higher chance of having unwanted side effects when taking birth control. These side effects include blood clots, heart attacks, and even strokes. Women over 35 who smoke have an even higher risk of these side effects.

Breast Pain - One common side effect of birth control is pain in the breasts. Early studies even linked birth control to increased incidence of breast cancer, although it was thankfully later heavily questioned and all but debunked. In some cases the breast pain subsides, but in others it does not.

Blurred Vision - In some rare cases, birth control pills can cause blurry vision. This is a serious side effect and should be a sign that you need to discuss the medication with your doctor. Do not attempt to operate a vehicle or heavy machinery if you suffer from this side effect.

Severe Migraines - In some cases extreme migraines will occur in women taking contraceptives. These can be very painful and debilitating, so talk to your doctor if you start experiencing unusual and unexplainable migraines.

Weight Gain - It is common for women to gain weight when they begin to take contraceptives. This is because the pills cause more water retention, which ends up being transformed into extra weight. This is a pretty common side effect and usually subsides over time. It also can be counteracted with slight changes to exercise and diet.

Swelling or Pain in Legs - Severe leg cramps are a rare and serious side effect of contraceptives. This can often be so severe that it can cause women to struggle with something as simple as walking or standing up. You should certainly talk to your doctor if you start experiencing these symptoms.