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Birth Control Pills Linked to Decreased Risk of Rheumatoid Arthritis

Birth Control Pills: The study's results

The study's results

The findings of the study were very interesting. Use of a contraceptive pill at any time was linked with a reduced risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis. Current use was said to reduce risk by 15 percent, while past use still reduced risk by up to 13 percent. Those who had used contraceptives for 7 years or more were shown to have a reduced risk of up to 19 percent, which researchers called a "dose-response" effect. It should also be noted that 7 years was the average amount of usage of the contraceptive pill for women in the study. In terms of breast feeding, there was a link between reduced risk and the practice, but it was not statistically significant when taking into account other controlling factors. While the researchers could not prove direct causation, the large sample size and controlling of outside factors means that there is a good chance that contraceptives do in fact lower the risk of RA in women, especially those who have had one or more children.