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Developments in New Lupus Immunotherapy


The following medications are prescribed for more severe symptoms:

  • Immunosuppressive drugs (only when corticosteroids no longer work)
  • Blood thinners since clotting issues can arise from this condition
  • Increased dosage of corticosteroids (one resort before incorporating immunosuppressive drugs)

Again, a patient is looking at a broad spectrum of treatment options that depend entirely on the severity and frequency of symptoms along with any damage to organs and tissues. And this does not take into consideration other measures, such as exercise or physical therapy, dietary and other lifestyle changes. Nonetheless, all of these serve to address specific effects on the body, as opposed to T cells that are directly associated with SLE. When looking at the results of the treatment that employs the use of DCs, one can clearly see that SLE factors themselves are being addressed and not just the symptoms.