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Does SeroVital Really Work?

Does SeroVital Really Work?


Human growth hormone or HGH is a single chain peptide hormone naturally produced by the brain. It does the following:

  • It facilitates cell reproduction, cell regeneration, and stimulates cell growth.
  • It is a stress hormone. It can increase the glucose level and break down fat in the cells. It can free them so that they can be converted into glucose. Thus, with HGH, fat in the muscles can be reduced by increasing the body’s lean mass.
  • It involves in the production of IGF-1.
  • It is given for the treatment of a growth deficiency in children but only under a doctor’s instructions.


SeroVital is a supplement, which is said to contain a blend of specific amino acids. It is known to help increase the human growth hormone in the body by 682 percent. It claims the following effects:

  • Possesses anti-aging effects
  • Increases energy
  • Heightens sex drive
  • Improves mood
  • Reduces body fat
  • Increases lean muscle mass

According to SeroVital's website, the product contains six primary ingredients, which include:

  • L-arginine HCl
  • L-lysine HCl
  • N-acetyl-L-cysteine
  • L-glutamine
  • Oxoproline
  • Schizonepeta powder

The manufacturer of SeroVital claims that the only way to boost HGH was through injections at the doctor's office. However, after a 30-year detailed research, the company has claimed that they have produced an oral compound that can enhance the HGH in the body at a lower price.

The compound was discovered by scientists and sold as SeroVital. The sales were highly limited despite all the hype that was placed on the product. Its operation also remained underground until the product was released on national television. Success in patients who were given the compound was featured on television.

The blend of six amino acids increased the levels of HGH six times more than the actual amount. The United States issued thirteen patents to protect the copyright of the product, so the information about the product's success was accurate. There was an overwhelming product demand, but not many people could afford it because of the price.

Dr. Amy Heaton, the Director of Scientific Affairs for SanMedica International said that taking SeroVital is not an immediate antidote to curb the effects of old age. Taking the pills along with a healthy lifestyle is required. A healthy diet and regular exercise will keep your body young and functional. Moreover, these pills need to be taken on an empty stomach for maximum amino acid absorption. Although this method is not really cheap, it is cheaper than having the injections.

A lot of controversies have surrounded the use of HGH and its effect on the body. This issue has been a consistent topic of debate. HGH has been called as a "wonder hormone" by the proponents. When you use these kinds of products, you have to be very careful since many of them cannot live up to the expectations.

Human Growth Hormone (HGH)

Human growth hormone (HGH) is naturally released by the pituitary gland of our body. It is also responsible for a wide variety of functions. During childhood, it controls growth, regulates body composition, muscle growth, bone development, sugar metabolism, fat metabolism, and heart function. It also regulates the firmness of the skin. However, as people age, the production of HGH becomes lesser, which leads to the signs of aging.

A number of men and women have taken HGH injections to counteract the unwanted effects or signs of aging. These HGH injections are directly introduced into the blood. SeroVital claims that it does not contain HGH, but it states that it contains a specific blend of key amino acids, which cause the body to release HGH.

Side Effects of Serovital

The product's ingredients may cause a mild stomach upset. However, some important things need to be considered.

According to WebMD, the L-arginine ingredient present in SeroVital may cause inflammation of the airways, allergies, may worsen asthma, and cause low blood pressure. N-acetyl-L-cysteine may cause fever, rashes, drowsiness, liver problems, low blood pressure, and headaches in rare instances. It has also been noted that high doses may also cause liver damage due to Schizonepeta. The potential side effects of oxoproline are not known since there are only limited studies about this quite uncommon amino acid.

In general, HGH has many medical uses. It can be used to treat the following conditions:

Any long-term or severe side effects can be reduced if they are properly monitored by a physician. However, there can be many side effects of HGH injections if they are taken for a very long time like in the case of bodybuilders. The side effects may include joint pain, nerve and muscle pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, edema, high cholesterol levels, tingling, skin numbness, and an increased risk of cancer.

Can SeroVital really increase HGH levels?

The efficacy of the product has been claimed on the product's website. It also stated that the GH levels of men and women can increase after 120 minutes by a single oral dose of SeroVital. It is being further examined whether these changes have other positive effects over a longer duration. However, no direct correlation was seen between the increase in GH level and the benefit that the company claimed. Although within the context of the study, the amino acids were shown to increase the levels of growth hormones.

It means that even if the HGH levels were increased by SeroVital, it does not necessarily mean that it will also increase muscle mass, energy levels, or make you feel younger.

There are no sufficient studies showing the link between HGH levels and increased energy levels. Moreover, according to an article published in WebMD about HGH supplementation, no reliable evidence was seen by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) that these products can produce the same effects as the HGH prescribed by physicians in the form of injections.

The Claims

HGH provides anti-aging benefits, enhances weight loss, improves moods, increases sexual drive, develops stronger bones, and boosts energy levels. The manufacturer of SeroVital talks more about the general benefits of HGH. According to its claims, users of SeroVital gets the above-mentioned HGH benefits since the product is supposed to boost HGH levels.

The Hype

In cases of professional athletes and doping scandals, HGH makes quite a bit of news. The use of HGH helps them compete at an advantage. Thus, a product was made available, which can increase the levels of HGH. But the question still remains--is there really a product in the market that can truly increase the HGH levels of individuals? The names of big stars are associated with these HGH products.

Safety of HGH Supplementation

An important distinction needs to be made between supplements that do not contain HGH but claim to contain ingredients that can boost HGH production and the treatments such as injections that contain HGH.

Repetitive use of treatments that contain HGH may cause joint pain, joint swelling, and carpal tunnel syndrome. It also increases an individual's risk of diabetes. However, the chances of experiencing these side effects are very rare since SeroVital claims that it does not contain HGH.


SeroVital was initially available in pill form, but now, its manufacturer has released a new liquid concentrate form. However, the question is how long will you be taking the pill? The effects on the body associated with its long-term use are not very pleasing.


SeroVital can be a good product if you are satisfied with its 16-person trial as proof. However, to have a more reliable proof, a larger number of people needs to be considered, which could be at least 100. It would be interesting to see if a large number of people would show the same results.

There is a method that companies use when pricing a product. It is believed that if the product is expensive, it should work or should contain premium ingredients, otherwise, people will not spend much money on the product. The manufacturers of SeroVital claim that people pay more for HGH injections. However, taking SeroVital cannot be compared to HGH injections since there has been no evidence that the effects of SeroVital are similar to the effects of HGH injections administered by doctors.

SeroVital Consumer Reviews

There are no testimonials listed on SeroVital's website, although websites such as and contained customer reviews about the product. The average rating given was 3.8 stars. Some customers had positive reviews, whereas some complained about the following:

  • The price of the product.
  • Side effects experienced after consuming the product such as blotchiness, trouble sleeping, skin redness, joint pain, and bloating.

Some customers also cited the product's high price and failure to work as claimed or advertised. The company of SeroVital, which is SanMedica International based in Salt Lake City, UT was given a rating of B+.

SeroVital Benefits

Some people have found the following benefits:

  • Along with healthy lifestyle choices, the product can help reduce wrinkles
  • Tightens saggy skin
  • Makes the bones stronger
  • Improves mood     
  • Rapidly reduces fat in the body 
  • Enhances sex drive and boosts energy

However, the medical community has claimed that these benefits are just hearsay and that the results would differ in people.


There are also drawbacks regarding the use of this product. 

  • Consult your doctor about using this product. The doctor will help you determine if the product is right for you Consulting a doctor will also prevent you from experiencing unwanted allergies. The efficacy of this pill still needs to be reviewed. Researchers claim that making a write-up for peer reviews is still in process.
  • The study was conducted only on 14-16 people. The variables are limited and the sample size is also not large. In the study, it was noted that after taking the product, only a two-hour spike in HGH was noticed. Studies have not yet shown how long will the product stay in the system. Thus, the efficacy of the product becomes questionable.
  • The test only measured the HGH level in the body but did not measure the levels of testosterone, level of fat, and wrinkles, making its claims questionable once again. 
  • People in their 50s and 60s were not included in the study. In this age bracket, the level of HGH is found to be less. Moreover, no research has been done to confirm the credibility of the product. 


Although it has been claimed that SeroVital can boost the HGH levels six times than the original amount, the clinical evidence says otherwise. Bearing the high price of supplements in mind, it is recommended to speak with your physician before taking SeroVital. There is a demand for HGH supplements these days, which is why several companies are capitalizing it.

It is better to take supplements that have been proven to give benefits. For instance, several products with proof are available that can help you lose weight. There are also products that can help you build lean muscles. There are many supplements that can give the same effects that HGH is supposed to give and these supplements have been evaluated for several years.