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The Early and Late Manifestations of Lupus

The acute onset of lupus

We do not tend to think about the acute onset of a disease like lupus, but it is quite common, and it is not rare for it to start with manifestations of the kidney. Still, the questions arise that why does it develop so quickly in a seemingly healthy girl who went to enjoy holidays in Honduras. There does not seem any connection with her trip and lupus. But if we analyze deeply than we would be less surprised.

Let us analyze this specific case from what has already been studied and mentioned in a plethora of medical literature. Let us start with analyzing the predisposing factors for lupus it is; genetics, environment, gender, age, and ethnicity. On close scrutiny, everything fits into what is already well-known. Ethnicity and genetics are predisposing factors by birth, and Hispanics are known to be at greater risk of autoimmune diseases as compared to Caucasians.