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The Emotional Roller Coaster of Crohn's and Colitis

The Emotional Roller Coaster of Crohn's and Colitis

The Emotional Roller Coaster of Crohn's and Colitis

Any news of a serious diagnosis is met with a whole mess of different conflicting emotions. From uncertainty, to fear, to anger, and guilt - people go through it all. When it's something serious and lifelong such as Crohn's or colitis, it’s necessary to cope with the shock of being diagnosed. Things can get even more frustrating if the initial symptoms are so severe that it lands the patient in the hospital.

The initial shock - receiving the news

The shock of the terrible news doesn't come in lightly or quietly either. Initial Crohn's and colitis flares can be incredibly painful and scary, landing someone in the hospital for days not knowing what is wrong with them.

The uncertainty and feeling of not having answers can really make anyone anxious and frustrated. Not only are the symptoms awful to bear, but they often can come unannounced and unexpected. People have plans, work, engagements, and other appointments to attend to when they are hit by inflammatory bowel disease for the first time.

People are often young when they get diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease, which means they are probably working full-time or still going through school. Young adults are not only struggling with their own identities, but they might be trying to launch a career, learning a new skill, or making ends meet month-to-month. The struggle of being a young adult only worsens the blow when Crohn's or colitis wedges itself between the churning gears of a young adult life.

Misunderstandings can create a wedge between personal relationships

Having inflammatory bowel disease can also take a toll on personal relationships too. When the disease flares, bowel symptoms and flatulence are among the least romantic conversations you can have with a significant other. Constantly having to go to the hospital can become taxing on even the most supportive of partners. And sometimes, it can even strain the patience of people that love you. People around you might begin to doubt the realities of your suffering because inflammatory bowel disease is not always apparent on the outside.

Someone can be going through the most pain and discomfort yet still look relatively well in appearance. This can sometimes lead to family or friends doubting your illness and believing that you are too dramatic. Even if they love you very much, sometimes they can feel exhausted too.

A chronic illness can limit intimacy and test personal relationships

Sometimes, the disease can cause a disconnected sensation from the rest of the world. Having Crohn's or colitis is a bit of a roller coaster for relationships too. Even with the most steadfast of partners, some days can really test a relationship. The limitations of the disease during a flare can limit intimacy too. It's difficult to have a healthy libido if you are suffering from nausea and fatigue due to illness. During times when emotional aspects of intimacy are needed, partners have to work it out and trust each other when they aren't able to have that.

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