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The Emotional Roller Coaster of Rheumatoid Arthritis

Socioeconomic disadvantages

When comparing men and women. studies find that there are similar levels of negative impact in both genders when it comes to rheumatoid. However, female patients are often more dependent on loved ones for daily function, such as opening a spaghetti sauce jar or lifting heavy objects. In one study from Spain, it was found that women with lower socioeconomic status were more severely affected and had a poorer quality of life.

Some people living with rheumatoid arthritis are still able to maintain enough function to continue with their full-time jobs. However, though these high function people have many blessings on their side, they are often limited due to their disease as well. One study found that those with rheumatoid often suffer less educational opportunities as well as less chance for promotion within their careers. Could this be the direct effect of the disability from this chronic disease?