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Car Company Funds Employment Program for Young Adults With Autism

The challenges don’t end there

Holding down a job can be a challenge as well. It’s important for employers to understand their employee's circumstances. This doesn’t mean an excuse for ill-completed work, but rather the best environment for people with autism to work in. For example, people with autism need directions that are clear and direct. Though there are many funny and sarcastic autistic people, it’s important to remember that they sometimes may not get subtle social cues or even jokes. Having a mutual understanding of how best to communicate is one way to help maintain a consistent employee-employer relationship.

Furthermore, people with autism thrive on structure and routine. Employers need to understand that for their employee to succeed, it is best to stick to a consistent schedule. People with autism are most comfortable and do their best work when there is a consistent schedule. Employers should keep this in mind when deciding which openings to fill with a candidate with autism. It’s best to leave jobs with flexible scheduling or erratic work routines for other qualified candidates without this condition.