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Car Company Funds Employment Program for Young Adults With Autism

Why do people with autism face difficulties getting hired?

Take for example, when there are two equally qualified candidates vying for a certain position within a company. The only difference between these two individuals is that one has autism and one does not. The company is statistically far more likely to choose the candidate without any disorder for many reasons.

People with autism have several disadvantages during a job hunt. For one, they are competing against other qualified candidates who are free of any stigma due to a condition or disorder. Two, they are often misunderstood, resulting in a severe under-appreciation of their true worth and skill. And three, their condition affects their abilities to operate in social settings and unstable routines, ruling out particular types of work right off the bat. Not only do these challenges limit the jobs available to autistic job candidates, but they also make it harder for them to get noticed for the jobs they’re qualified for.

In the already over-competitive job market that exists today, it’s even harder for people with autism to get hired when facing these additional challenges. There are many young people with autism who are not only skilled and hardworking but very intelligent as well. Many of these people remain jobless and would give anything for a chance to prove themselves to employers.