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Entyvio Continues to Show Benefits for Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Another study

Another study, “Real-world use of immunosuppressives among patients with inflammatory bowel disease treated with vedolizumab,” looked at 567 IBD patients inside the United States. They were all receiving vedolizumab and their data was stored in Explorys Universe Database. The analysis of this study showed that IBD patients on average started taking vedolizumab 4.5 years after they were diagnosed. In this population of patients, 45.4 percent of them had never been treated with immunomodulators, and 87 percent of them did not use immunomodulators during the follow-up period. For the people who had a history using immunomodulators, 61 percent who received vedolizumab did not continue the immunomodulator therapy during follow-up.