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Father and Daughter Diagnosed with Breast Cancer "Comfort Each Other"

This journey has brought them closer than ever, and they are dedicated to spreading awareness

Today, Vanessa has finished with her breast cancer treatments and she continues to have a positive perspective on life. The father and daughter are the best of friends, as fighting cancer has brought them even closer than they were before. As breast cancer survivors, the two have channeled their energy into advocacy and raising awareness on male breast cancer. They speak out at breast cancer awareness events and conferences on a regular basis, in hopes of encouraging others to undergo regular screening for breast cancer. They hope to convince men that breast cancer is an unpredictable disease and it does not discriminate among gender and race. “If I can convince even one man or woman to be examined and prevent them from dying, then spreading the word has been worth every minute,” said Arnaldo.

Photo: The Male Breast Cancer Coalition