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Father Who Gave Cannabis to Sick Children Avoids Jail

A struggle with the law to find relief

Towards the end of 2017, The Taylor’s family home was raided, and Mr. Taylor was taken into custody. He pleaded not guilty on the grounds of medical necessity. “Given the situation, I felt I had no choice but to do what I did” he said. Mr. Taylor was given a six month good behavior bond and no conviction was recorded. Although the court had sympathy for his situation, he was told that he should not expect the same outcome if he persisted to grow cannabis.

As for his daughters’ situations, they will just have to wait for medical help for the time-being. The reality is that Australians, including Morgan and Ariel, still need a prescription from their doctor and a majority of doctors do not feel confident enough to prescribe. “I don’t really have many options left, because a lot of the medications I’ve tried haven’t worked for me, they’ve come with very serious side effects. So, it’s pretty scary to think about long term and how I’m going to manage my disease” said Morgan.