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The FDA's Approval of Gazyva for Follicular Lymphoma

More details on the study

While it’s not a cure for this non-Hodgkin type of lymphoma, the combo treatment with Gazyva significantly delayed the progression of advanced follicular lymphoma.

What this means for those of you newly diagnosed is that Gazyva will now be another option for the first line of defense in treating your disease.

The drug research testing was done by Genetech, a member of the Roche (pharmaceuticals) Group.

Enrolled in the study were 1,385 patients with previously untreated NHL, of whom 1,202 patients had advanced follicular lymphoma.

The study tested the treatment effectiveness and safety of Gazyva and Rituxan. Two rounds of treatment were utilized.

In the first round, Gazyva combo with bendamustine was pitted against Rituxan with bendamustine.

For the second round, Gazyva and Retuxan were each given alone for up to two years.

As noted, Gazyva was found to be 28% more effective than Rituxan by significantly reducing the risk of advancing FL.