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The FDA's Approval of Gazyva for Follicular Lymphoma

Why is Gazyva considered more effective than Retuxan?

A recent study has shown Gazyva to be more effective than Rituxan in the treatment of FL.

This conclusion is based on data from the phase 3 Gallium study, in which combining Gazyva and Rituxan with the chemo drug bendamustine in the first round of treatment reduced the risk of disease progression by 28% for Gazyva vs. Rituxan.

In other words, Gazyva prolonged the first remission. (Helio)

Also, one in four participating in the Gazyva study went into remission.

There were remissions in the Rituxan study as well.

However, “data suggest that progression-free-survival will be about 1.5 times longer with obinutuzumab (Gazyva) than with Rituxin (rituximab).