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Can These Foods Relieve Rheumatoid Arthritis Symptoms? New Study Says Yes

Effects of the study

While for now their review simply acts as a guideline to those with rheumatoid arthritis who need an alternative form of treatment, there is a possibility that the effects could go further. The researchers are looking to promote their findings as a basis for new forms of alternative medicine.

Dr. Gupta voices this objective, "pharmaceutical companies may use this information to formulate 'nutraceuticals.' Nutraceuticals have an advantage over chemically tailored medicines as they are not associated with any side effects, originate from natural sources and are cheaper."

Even for those who do not intend to make the switch entirely and forego modern medicine, it is not a bad idea to attempt a healthier diet - especially if one is already aware that their eating habits could be harmful to their health. What we put into our bodies either enable or hinder its performance, making healthy eating especially crucial for those with rheumatoid arthritis. Gradually incorporating these 33 foods into one's diet, even if they are utilizing a different form of medication, is likely to provide benefits. It can be as simple as taking the oil capsules every day in the morning, or having a breakfast of whole oatmeal, yogurt, and green tea. You'll be surprised at how much benefit you see, even just by adding bits of this new diet!