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Foods to Reduce Sleep Apnea

Calcium-rich foods

Once again, a completely independent food type which has its importance as a supplement for sleep apnea deeply rooted in its relation to melatonin. This time around, we’re talking about calcium, a mineral which can help in the promotion of strong, healthy bones. Though the effectiveness of calcium consumed in foodstuffs and its effect on bone health is a subject for another matter, it’s positive effect in treating sleep apnea has been scientifically proven several times. This time around, the importance of calcium in sleep apnea lies in the fact that this mineral is an important ingredient in the development of melatonin.

Simply put, melatonin simply could not exist without calcium, much like how hemoglobin could not exist without iron. For this reason, individuals that suffer from sleep apnea would benefit from a diet rich in calcium, or by regularly consuming snacks rich in the mineral. Those who suffer from insomnia will also find plenty of respite by adding this mineral to their diets, as it will help them to regulate their sleep cycle and to feel sleepy at the appropriate times.

Calcium can be found in a wide variety of dairy products, such as cheese, milk, and yogurt, among others. Some leafy green produce such as kale may also offer ample amounts of the mineral. A good source of calcium is also bread, and all types of juices and beverages enriched with the mineral.