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This Might Be The Future of Hodgkin Lymphoma Treatment

The clinical trial launched Adcetris's approval

The ECHELON-1 trial was overall a success. The new drug seemed to outperform standard treatment for most patients who participated. In January, Adcetris got the stamp of approval from the Food and Drug Administration. It's now a front-line treatment for those who have advanced, classical Hodgkin's lymphoma.

The lead investigator was Dr. Joseph Connors, who is from Vancouver and is the clinical director of the British Columbia Cancer Agency Centre for Lymphoid Cancer. In December of 2017, Dr. Connors met with other experts in the field at the American Society for Hematology meeting. He presented the exciting results of their clinical trial: there was a 23% risk reduction in cancer progression, death, or need for more therapy when using Adcetris instead of bleomycin in ABVD therapy.