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Organizations Give Gifts to Boost Morale of Cancer Patients

A wild ride

A wild ride

10-year-old Dylan Probe is battling cancer and has a missing leg. She was previously donated an American girl doll that had a prosthetic leg, but she recently got a new gift. While Dylan waits for her prosthesis, a stranger thought of a way she might enjoy getting around - a three-wheeled toy power chair. Dylan much prefers this to crutches or wheelchairs.

Dylan's dad explains, "To see her ride around and all that joy she had back before all this started, it’s a great feeling. I mean the one thing she wants to do is walk.”
The man who donated the gift desired to remain anonymous, but he learned of Dylan's condition after seeing her story on the news. His grandson has the same cancer as Dylan does; so, after seeing how a toy power chair that a toy company had donated had helped his grandson, he thought Dylan deserved the same.

Dylan loves her new toy, and is mastering moving around in it. She explained that she loved walking around the block, but couldn't do it anymore because she would get too tired to push the wheelchair. Now, she has more freedom of mobility.

Her parents are almost as happy as she is; her mother expressed her gratitude toward the anonymous donor by stating, "You’re the faith in humanity that I believe in,” said Megan Probe, Dylan's mom. “You let me know there are really good, good people out there that care. Thank you.”