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Organizations Give Gifts to Boost Morale of Cancer Patients

Gratitude and flowers

Gratitude and flowers

Believe it or not, even celebrities who have everything can be very touched by small gestures. Olivia Newton-John is facing breast cancer for the second time, and still rocking it. She has restarted on her tour despite the news, and at a recent concert she expressed her gratitude towards all audience members who had sent her cards and well wishes. One particular gift stood out to her, though.

A man by the name of Byron Witham brought flowers with him to the concert that he intended to give to Newton-John, along with a card that read "Dear Olivia, Welcome Back! Love, Byron Witham." Security would not allow Mr. Witham to deliver the flowers to the singer as he wished, but they did make every effort to get them to her themselves.

Witham was uncertain whether she would ever see the flowers, or if she did whether she would care, until midway through the concert when she thanked her drummer, her husband - and then him! She said "I'd like to thank a very kind gentleman in the audience, Byron Witham, for his beautiful flowers - they're so lovely." So, no matter whether the cancer patient is your neighbor or your favorite singer, it's worth giving them a little gift as a pick-me-up.