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Can Gold Injections Treat Rheumatoid Arthritis?

gold injections treat rheumatoid arthritis

Can Gold Injections Treat Rheumatoid Arthritis?

Whatever researchers may come to discover about gold injections, it is already known that gold compounds have a unique effect on inflammatory illnesses. 

Various treatments for rheumatoid arthritis have been attempted over the last 75 years. The disease is progressive and currently incurable, beginning with symptoms in the hands and feet and eventually leading to more severe symptoms, including fatigue, bone erosion, and deformity. Medications have served to slow the progression of the disease, and other therapy treatments can assist patients in coping with symptomatic flare ups.

One of the earliest treatments of rheumatoid arthritis was gold injections, an inflammation blocker that was proven to have high rates of symptom remission. Gold injections also developed a reputation for having severe side effects, as they were not well tolerated by many patients. The use of gold injections is in decline, as technological advancements have led to the distribution of superior and better-tolerated RA medicines.

Still, gold injections may have some applications in studying inflammatory diseases, and researchers have taken to researching the effectivity and usefulness of these injections in contemporary treatment of related autoimmune and inflammatory illnesses. It is not uncommon for researchers to review old therapies, but studying gold injections has a unique incentive; researchers believe that gold injections will help lead to new treatment options for patients living with rheumatoid arthritis, and even if they do not, they could resurge as a more cost-effective option for those willing to deal with the side effects.

No matter what the researchers have come in discovery of the gold injections but it has already been known that gold compounds are known to have a unique effect mostly on the inflammatory kind of medical ailments. There has been multiple treatment being attempted for Rheumatoid arthritis or RA but still this disease is progressive and cannot be cured. One of the earliest treatments of this disease was use of gold injections which was basically an inflammation blocker and it had proven to provide high rate of symptom remission.

But at the same time these gold injections also developed a name for having severe form of side effects and that this treatment was not being well tolerated by the patient of RA. Hence there has been a decline in the use of gold injections since due to the improvement in technology there has been better and well tolerated medicines made available in the market for RA. But still there are certain applications of gold injections in few of the inflammatory illness and the researchers have also taken into try to find out the effectiveness as well as usefulness of these injections.

In the 1920s, these gold injections were known to be the standard form of treatment for moderate to severe case of RA. During those durations the similar kind of gold compound was basically used for treating tuberculosis. As per researchers, RA and tuberculosis was related to each other but late on this theory was not approved. The gold compound which was injected in the RA patients was known as sodium aurothiomalate and it is said to contain traces of gold hence the name. This compound is basically a DMARD.

There is still a mystery on how the gold injections function but the evidence that these injections are said to have anti-inflammatory properties is still indisputable. As in case of any other medicine which tends to limit or inhibit the immune response, the gold injections are known to increase the risk of illness significantly. Apart from this risk it has also been identified that these injections have severe case of side effects. Hence now these injections are quiet rare.

These injections are not pain killers hence not reduce the symptoms as a painkiller but they work by blocking the inflammation which has been caused due to the overactive immune system hence it must be injected into the muscle tissues of the individual. This is where the compound is absorbed and then it spreads to other parts of the body. It would take upto three months to start seeing the improvements in the symptoms of RA and in certain cases the patients may not see the symptoms at all hence would ask for a different route.

There is a drug methotrexate which has been seen as a current standard form of treatment for RA patients and it has replaced the gold injections treatment. But researchers are still carrying out their study and looking out for way to reintroduce the gold injections back into the mainline treatment process.