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Grants to Support Parkinson’s Studies Get Approved

Applying for Grants

Grant recipients are carefully filtered in the application process, and the results are reviewed by the Scientific Advisory Board, the board is composed of members who are highly skilled and expertise in both clinical and methodological methods. According to Beck's, the Parkinson’s Foundation recognizes the need to support the creativity and ingenuity of the next generation of experts in order to make advances. Xi Chen of Van Andel Research Institute has been a particular standout grant recipient of the postdoctoral fellowship program and uses a $ 100,000 amount to study the role of the VPS35 gene that was discovered to play a part in Parkinson’s disease. Dr. Chen will study using a mouse subject to understand the interactions that might occur between VPS35  gene and certain proteins and brain cells that potentially will lead to symptoms of Parkinson’s. Alongside Chen will be Darren Moore (his mentor) whose early research projects are funded by the National Parkinson’s Foundation.

Beck’s also stated, “We are excited to track results from Dr. Chen and others whose work holds potential to help us end Parkinson’s.” These grant projects supported by the Parkinson’s Foundation range from three months to two years in length and provide the students and clinicians the chance to test new propositions, work with consultants, and progress into becoming a top leader. An understanding of the VPS35 gene may help to create and develop new drugs to prevent and cure Parkinson’s disease in the future.