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Grants to Support Parkinson’s Studies Get Approved

Setting Afoot to New Projects

The Parkinson’s Outcome Project is a long standing and largest-ever  clinical study that was started way back in 2009. It studies every individual who’s living with the disease, from the newly diagnosed to those who have been living with it for years. This outcome project highlights several foci, such as depression and anxiety, which are the greatest factor that impacts the overall health status of a person with PD. In addition, it also focuses on the care and importance of having regular neurologists that can save thousands of lives each year.  An increase in physical activity to about 2.5 hours a week or more results to a slower decline in quality of life.

Also, health interventions that provide neuroprotective benefits could change the course of the disease. There are different treatment plans and medicines that a patient will receive depending on where they will receive care with extensively distinct results.

According to National Parkinson’s Foundation, research has shown that an early management of Parkinson’s results to a better life in the future. Their study evaluates a broad of factors of Parkinson’s including benefits from therapy, most effective cure available, best candidate for the treatment, benefits of various exercise programs, and the impact on caregivers. NPF is working and sharing models of excellent care with other health professionals to ensure the patients receive the best care.

In a media release, John L. Lehr, the Chief executive officer of the National Parkinson’s Foundation, stated, “We are proud to continue our long-standing tradition of nurturing the careers of the next generation of Parkinson’s researchers. Their innovative ideas may one day transform the field for millions worldwide.