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American Ninja Warrior Competes Grueling Course with Parkinson's Disease

American Ninja Warrior Competes Grueling Course with Parkinson's Disease

Photo: Athlete and American Ninja Warrior Jimmy Choi. Source: Michael J. Fox Foundation.

The disease known as Parkinson’s can be difficult to live with, although there are those who go out of their way to still achieve all of the goals that they want to accomplish. Jimmy Choi, a man competing on American Ninja Warrior, has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. This amazing individual has been able to show those just what they can indeed accomplish with this disease. While nobody should go out of their way to try and push themselves to an unhealthy level, there can be different ways to assist those who are facing the horrible effects of this disease.

Choi was also known as a runner before this and decided that he was not going to let Parkinson’s disease get him down. While he was known in the running community, he was able to show off his skills on the hit television show this past summer. He was truly an inspiration and has been able to show those that with this disease, you do not have to let it hold you back. He has also become an inspiration, even to Michael J. Fox and other celebrities, who have seen his brave and courageous actions.

In fact, he has actually logged in over 2,000 miles in a year according to one report. This disease can have a negative impact, but there are chances for those who want to live a better life with this condition. He has even inspired other runners with Parkinson’s disease who wonder if their very career is over, thanks to this condition that has affected millions of individuals around the globe. He wanted to forget about the disease in a way, although he still eats healthy and addresses the issues with the disease. He has even been working his way up to even more exercises, challenging his own body each and every day.

While this is something that is truly inspiring to many individuals, there are those who might feel as if they will never do anything as mighty as that. While competing on the show and living his life as a runner, which is indeed noteworthy, there are those with this disease that can still be an inspiration in different ways.

In fact, being there to show your strength for family and friends and knowing when to be honest is something that can inspire those who are around the person with Parkinson’s disease. For those who have this disease, the struggles of this condition are very real. From shakes to other issues that arise from Parkinson’s, it is known to be a disease that can drain the energy out of some. There are different ways to be an inspiration. Although there are different forms of exercise that can be done, talking to a physician or neurologist about what exercises and diet options  are best for the person. Knowing what stage someone is in and their overall health is vital.

Different lifestyles and finding ways to remain healthy

For those who want to live a similar lifestyle like Choi, this is possible if a healthcare professional has given the go ahead and can offer up advice. Some of those might not be up to that level of activity, but can still go for walks that will benefit their health overall. For this disease and others that are similar to it, this condition can be known to prevent individuals from working out due to the shakes that it can cause. Like Choi, there are those who find solace in running and other forms of working out. For others who are unable to do that type of activity and level of physical exercise, there are other ways to inspire and sharpen the body. Doing at home exercises and getting into lighter options can be something that will inspire people of any stage to get into better shape and promote overall better health. Although this condition can take away some independence, there are still ways to promote a better lifestyle. Writing and other forms of creative activities can sharpen the mind, something that is actually just as important.

For those like Choi, keeping the mind sharp is also of great importance. There are different types of exercises that he does, but running is just one way that he is able to destress from this condition that he manages daily. There is no known cure for Parkinson’s right now, although research is looking at this. Knowing what to expect with this disease is not something that some people are prepared for. The shakes can be scary to many, especially while working out.

Eating a healthy diet is also something that Choi has discussed, which is of great importance to those with Parkinson’s disease. Foods that are high Omega-3 and other essential nutrients will benefit the body in a way that will lead to a better sense of wellbeing in general. Taking multivitamins and looking for ways to assist in getting enough nutrients is an all-star move that professionals partake in. There are different long-term goals that people might have, but those with this disease deserve support from those that are around them.

Choi knows that a support group is important. He has even started up various charities and groups that can assist those who want to fight Parkinson’s with running and other types of exercises that could benefit them. There is still medication that he must take, just like all of those with Parkinson’s disease who have been given a medicine regimen from their doctor. Exercise is not a cure for this disease, but can be just what some people need to not only feel better, but to find a purpose that they can look forward to. There are different groups that will benefit others, but finding even a smaller and local walking group could boost serotonin levels and reduce the risk of issues down the road.

Never be afraid to ask for help, no matter how small it might seem when it comes to fighting Parkinson’s disease and the side effects that can arise. It might seem like the world is expecting a lot from those with these diseases, but know that taking it one day at a time is what matters. Those who are facing this condition can be an inspiration in different ways that don’t involve training for a marathon or competition! Just talking to someone and having them understand what this disease is like can be something that is truly a gift to the world; in fact, someone might even be inspired to read more into the disease. For those willing to share their story, there are those who will listen.

Hats off to Choi for not only going the extra mile, but being an inspiration for many. He knows that his family is one of the main groups that support him, in addition to his fans. There are those who can be inspired by a story from a person with Parkinson’s. Having this type of condition does not mean that one’s life is over, but it can truly be a way to inspire people on a different level.