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Helpful Hints for Runners with Crohn’s or Colitis

The statistics

Well, for starters, it may help you to know you are not alone. “60 percent of all runners report experiencing bathroom issues when running”, according to the article 8 Tips for Runners and GI Distress.

According to that article, written by Susan Paul, an exercise physiologist and running coach, there are a variety of issues at play. “Runners’ Trots” is a common name for this lesser form of “Runners’ Colitis.” We read in numerous references that while “Runners’ Colitis” is more common in long-distance runners, it can affect those running shorter distances as well. Both conditions include painful intestinal cramps and diarrhea.

Barbara Bolen, PhD., tells us that “Runners’ Diarrhea”, which has been linked to colitis, is one term for the group of diarrhea-related symptoms brought on by intense or prolonged exercise.