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How to Tell if Someone Has Lupus

Dry Eyes and Dry Mouth

A person with lupus may experience dry mouth. Also, eyes may feel dry and gritty. The reason for that is that some lupus patients develop Sjogren's disease which is an autoimmune disorder. The autoimmune disease causes the glands that produce saliva and tears to malfunction, and sometimes lymphocytes accumulate in the glands. Women living with Sjogren and lupus may experience dryness of the skin and vagina.

Other Symptoms

There are many symptoms of lupus. Other symptoms are enlarged lymph nodes, chest pain, depression, oral ulcers, muscle pain and osteoporosis. Dizziness, anemia, and seizures are rare symptoms which lupus patients might experience. Fortunately, one person cannot have all these symptoms at once. Sometimes others appear while others disappear.


When someone feels that he could be suffering from lupus, they need to seek medical attention to confirm. They need to talk with their doctor about the concerns they have and ask for an antinuclear antibody test. This test is used by doctors to diagnose lupus. It is worth noting that black women living with lupus or other autoimmune diseases should pay attention to their heart health. The death rate is high in black women due to heart disease. This makes the heart disease a number one killer disease of black women. They are also three times more likely to develop lupus.