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Life Without Lungs: How One Woman Overcame the Odds

She urges people to become organ donors, to ensure more success stories just like hers

Following the transplant, she could barely a finger from laying in a hospital bed for so long. But after many hard months of physical therapy and rehab, Melissa is getting back to “normal” and is finally back to being a mom and doing “mom things.” Although she knows there are more medical procedures in her future, she’s just glad that things are back to normal for now, and she can finally spend quality time with her daughter and husband.

While she has no specific plans in her future, she’s just glad that “things are starting to get back to normal, and it hasn’t been normal, in a very long time.”

Currently, she and her husband, Chris, are urging and encouraging people to become organ donors so others can have the same success story as her. In Canada, residents can use this site to register, and US citizens can register here to become organ donors.

Who knows? You might just save a life.