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Important Things to Know When Cruising Gluten-Free

Bread is always available

One thing is sure for gluten-free cruisers on every cruise line, gluten-free bread is always available. Although, it might not taste particularly good and artisan. Gluten-free bread is available in almost everywhere, even in local convenience stores and department stores.  In cruise lines where pre-made sandwiches are mostly available, a passenger can always ask for a gluten-free version of a sandwich. In fact, there are separate panini presses and microwave ovens for each kind to avoid cross-contamination. Pastry and dessert corners are more likely to be the spots wherein it’s hard to find something that’s gluten-free. Thankfully, some cruise lines like the Royal Caribbean offer at least one gluten-free option for every dish or food item, making gluten-free available pizzas and pasta dishes available even without advance notice.