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Important Things to Know When Cruising Gluten-Free

Cruise lines that give the best gluten-free experience

Photo: Carnival Cruise Ship. Source: Direct Cruise Line.

As mentioned above, the “always safe” option for gluten-free eaters during the cruise would be to go with the high-end cruise lines. These high-end cruise lines can give these clients their special needs even without advance notice as their service is often more personalized than those who are in the entry-level wherein the priority is the need of the majority. Here are the cruise lines that could give the clients the best gluten-free cruising experience:

  • Carnival: Carnival is very widely known for its decent choice and stock of gluten-free food items. In fact, it has a particularly exciting line-up of gluten-free foods such as frozen desserts and yogurts, hamburger buns, deli bread, pasta, and even pizza dough. What’s more notable is that these gluten-free goods are always readily available upon request.
  • Royal Caribbean: Royal is another famous cruise line known for its exceptional service for gluten-free cruisers. Gluten-free goods are presented very nicely in Royal Caribbean. As a matter of fact, delectable gluten-free pastries and sandwiches are available anytime at all coffee shops, even the buffet has a remarkable take on gluten-free desserts. The pizzeria Sorrento even has a specialized oven for making pizza that is gluten-free to prevent cross-contamination. The menus in the line are also well-labeled as to a certain product is gluten-free or not.