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Important Things to Know When Cruising Gluten-Free

Regent Seven Seas Cruises

Photo: Seven Seas Cruiser. Source: Cruise Trade News.

Regent Seven Seas Cruises is one more example of a luxury cruise line with an impeccable ability to satisfy their gluten-free clients. In fact, Regent Seven Seas Cruises can make a gluten-free alternative for nearly every dish available on their menu. As soon as the maître d’ acknowledges the fact that there are gluten-free cruisers, he or she will have the initiative to deliver bread and desserts each evening to the clients, even to those who are dining in the La Veranda buffet. Maître d’s can deliver these gluten-free goods even at a specialty restaurant or via room service. Finally, waiters in all restaurants are trained to offer a variety of gluten-free foods to the gluten-free cruiser on the spot. Amazing, right?