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The Inaccurate Portrayal of Lupus on Social Media

A large amount of misinformation

People who are diagnosed with serious clinical conditions such as lupus are often misjudged on the internet. People immediately make a conclusion about the patient’s well-being based on posts that have been purposefully chosen for the world to see. Not everyone is comfortable with sharing some information on the internet; thus, it is important to remember that just because it is not evident in a few posts. It already means that their condition does not exist.

That mindset only promotes a stigma towards people that are being diagnosed with lupus and invalidates the patient’s struggles of managing its symptoms. Over the years, different projects have been created to spread awareness about lupus. Hopefully, these would help decrease the number of misinformed people on the internet and diminish false assumptions about the condition. Trimming down on what really goes on in the life of a lupus patient can only make it hard on them.