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The Inaccurate Portrayal of Lupus on Social Media

Being more than her lupus diagnosis

According to her, she has taken full responsibility for maintaining her overall physical health and is dedicated to accomplishing scheduled exercises and work-outs weekly. She also pushes herself to overcome fatigue and other life stressors. Her posts on Instagram may not represent her struggles with lupus, but they are real and on some days she has to fight her best to manage it.

During her stay in Europe, there were nights wherein Kristiana has to stay at the hostel while her friends were out. There were times where it wasn't an option for her to go out, and that was what others did not see on her Instagram. Assuming that she was at her best rather than taking into account of what was going on behind the scenes was wrong for people to do, but unfortunately, this happens more often than it should--even with other chronic conditions that have more invisible symptoms.