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The Most Inspirational Cystic Fibrosis Journeys

Jasmine's story

In the essay, Her Name Was Jasmine (copyright 2015. Peters-Burg Affiliates), we come to know this 15-year-old young lady through the bittersweet memories of her parents, school and church leaders, and her friends. Our introduction is at Jasmine’s memorial service.

We find out that Jasmine was “upbeat”, tenacious, and never let her challenges hold her back from what she wanted to do.

And, that her Mom “had her back.” When the school principal and the family pastor each had concerns about the physical activities she wanted to do, they turned to her mom for input. Each time, her response was, “Its Jasmine’s dream. Let her try it.”

Jasmine played the clarinet in the marching band, was on the track and field team, and bowled in the youth church league. Her classmates called her “a true champion.”

She also dated a boy from her church’s youth group.

Jasmine was pre-deceased by her cousin, also diagnosed with cystic fibrosis.