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The Most Inspirational Cystic Fibrosis Journeys

Kori's story

As Kori does the multitude of treatments and takes the numerous medications she needs just to get through one day, she remains well aware that the current life expectancy for adult Americans with CF is about 37 years. She is 36.

Kori speaks of the preciousness of life and how she was not expected to make it through her teens.

She tells us “To live is to breathe and to breathe is to live.”

Kori finds relief in performing a slow-moving swirl of a graceful dance, taking her into a zone of peace. If just for a little while, she’s able to let go of the constraints CF places on her life.

Kori notes we either crumble or grow from life’s struggles which are actually the catalysts in shaping whom we become.

Kori expresses profound sadness at not being able to have a biological child with her loving partner, Rick. He is her rock of support, standing by her to give her unconditional love and help with her treatments.   

Kori speaks of “drowning in the ocean of treatments, therapies, medications, medical expenses” and how the Just Breathe Foundation throws out a “life ring” of support to her and to others with CF in need.

Kori’s advice: “Never stop feeling.”