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The Most Inspirational Cystic Fibrosis Journeys

Kyle's story

Kyle Schuhart, 21, the second of three-people spotlighted on the “Just Breathe” video, was diagnosed with CF when he was about 2 years old.

Since birth, he had been a “sickly child”; the doctor assured the family he would “grow out of this.” When consulting a new pediatrician, it was decided to check him for the possible presence of CF.

The tests were positive.

As a diversion to his chronic condition, Kyle has found the hobby of brewing beer to be exciting and enjoyable. He sees it as an alternative long process to take his mind off his long, painful process of living with CF.

As a young adult, Kyle wonders about the possibility of a long-term relationship. However, he senses it’s very difficult to find someone who would support him and his medical needs. He praises his mom for being beside him throughout his long battle with CF.

Kyle describes the condition of CF as “a daily fight to breathe” and further notes, “we (with CF) have to make it a living to live every day.”

Kyle educates us on the absence of government funding for CF, but says he feels the cure is “so close.” He is hopeful the cure for CF will come in his lifetime.

Kyles’ advice: “Stay passionate.”