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Is Cannabis the Answer to Colitis?

Cannabis: A review of the trial

A review of the trial

Vitality Biopharma induced colitis in mice through a clinical model called dextran sulfate sodium-induced colitis (DSS). Mice drink water with a chemical that induces the excessing pro-inflammation chemicals common in colitis.

The DSS method is widely considered to most correctly mirror inflamed bowels in humans and the compound is considered “acute” and difficult to treat. In a press release on the trial, Vitality Biopharma noted that existing colitis treatments, like corticosteroids and TFS inhibitors, are ineffective at treating mice with DSS.

The mice were then treated with Vitality Biopharma’s cannabosides compound, a class of cannabinoid prodrugs. Because the drugs are ingested, the impact is limited to the gastrointestinal tract with no impact on brain function or psychoactivity. In other words, there is no “high” as you might expect with traditional cannabis use. This makes it especially attractive as a medical treatment for children.