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Is Cannabis the Answer to Colitis?

Final thoughts

Final thoughts

Cannabis research is young. Restrictions on the use of cannabis for medical purpose have only recently been relaxed, meaning its being studied for the first time as treatment for some diseases. Clinical trials for colitis have been limited and small. Published studies are often conflicting or of poor quality.

Cannabis, like the other existing medical treatments, has side effects. Short term, cannabis increases the heart rate, impairs motor skills, and causes memory problems. Long term effects may include cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome (sever nausea, vomiting, and dehydration), the onset of anxiety and paranoia, psychosis, a drop in IQ, and psychological addiction.

New trials, like that conducted by Vitality Biopharma are promising because they focus on minimizing the impact of traditional medical marijuana. However, more human trials and analysis is needed before cannabis is declared a victory for colitis.