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Sopranos Star Jamie-Lynn Sigler Shares Her Story of Living with Multiple Sclerosis

Sopranos Star Jamie-Lynn Sigler Shares Her Story of Living with Multiple Sclerosis

Sopranos Star Jamie-Lynn Sigler Shares Her Story of Living with Multiple Sclerosis

Many would remember her as pretty party-girl Meadow Soprano from the hit HBO series, The Sopranos. Meadow was played by the beautiful and successful actress, Jamie-Lynn Sigler. However, in real-life, she suffers from a devastating condition. At the age of 20, the young actress was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

Photo credit: Jamie-Lynn Sigler at The Cosmopolitan Grand Opening and New Year's Eve Celebration by The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas's photostream

Jamie Sigler is known for her famous role Meadow Soprano in the hit HBO series titled The Sopranos. But in real life not many are aware about that she suffers one of the most devastating medical condition. At the young age of 20 years she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. She faced this diagnosis all alone and was very scared. She hid this details from her friends as well as her co-stars for a long time.

She was not aware much about this condition hence found it difficult to accept this fact. For many years she was in a state of denial. She had her entire life in front of her with so many possibilities. The symptoms experienced by Jamie started off as a vague kind of numbness which she described as heavy. Initially she thought it was the stress which was taking a toll on her health. But when her symptoms led her to an emergency room she was still feeling that it was due to being over-dramatic and her symptoms were not something too serious.

But an MRI and spinal tap confirmed it to be multiple sclerosis. She was immediately put on her treatments. She became quite angry that she had to inject her treatment and was not much co-operative. She was finding it difficult to accept the treatments since she was not suffering from any symptom at that duration but it wasn’t until the symptoms and disease started to progress that she actually got a hit of reality.

She lived in denial for many years and also was blessed to be free from symptoms for those many years. She did not stop the medical condition to achieve her dreams. The disease did not slow her down and continued her role in The Sopranos as well as doing other Broadway shows. At the age of 24 she went through a divorce and this emotional stress flared up the symptoms of MS.

Now her condition was not the same as earlier. This was when she began to notice certain limitations in her condition wherein one side of her body experienced weakness and it worsened to such a point where she was not able to even take a jog. High heels are difficult to wear for her due to her condition. Gradually Jamie started to build her own support team and she started trusting her doctors.

She also had a son at this time and the doctor was always by her side to discuss about her symptom and side effects. This trusting relationship helped her to stay on the medications and also understand her condition better. Eventually she began to gain enough of courage and it helped her share her story openly.

She created a campaign named “Reimagine Myself” and it has been designed as an online resource as well as a community for individuals living with this disease. On this site she shares her story through videos describing how she handled her day to day life, career, sex, parenting and marriage. She also shares her own tips on how to take care of oneself which includes healthy food, meditation, taking medicines and being loyal to the treatment.

She also writes blogs and shares her story. This campaign helps people with this condition that they can achieve what they think of by better management of their medical condition.