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Sopranos Star Jamie-Lynn Sigler Shares Her Story of Living with Multiple Sclerosis

Jamie-Lynn launches a campaign

Recently, she has found the courage to accept her condition and open up about it to her friends and family. As a celebrity who is openly sharing her story, she has launched a campaign to help others living with this condition.

Multiple sclerosis has been challenging yet empowering for Jamie-Lynn. It allowed her a new platform and sense of responsibility for the multiple sclerosis community. She teamed up with Biogen and created a campaign called "Reimagine Myself". They've designed an online resource and community for people living and suffering from relapsing multiple sclerosis.

On this website, Jamie has videos that she shares describing a-day-in-a-life of how she personally handles parenting, career, sex, and marriage living with her condition. She shares her own tips for how she takes care of herself, including meditation, eating well, taking pills, loyalty to treatment, taking breaks for herself.

She knows that living with chronic illness can make anyone feel very isolated and alone. It's easy to feel like people don't understand. Because of this, she writes a series of very honest and real blog posts to share her experience.

"I get it. I feel you, I hear you, I go through what you go through. And I understand." she said in an interview with Fox News.