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Sopranos Star Jamie-Lynn Sigler Shares Her Story of Living with Multiple Sclerosis

Jamie-Lynn’s ultimate goal

Her goal is to help people suffering from multiple sclerosis to "Re-imagine" their lives with this condition. The condition doesn't define you. She shares that she still lives her life to the fullest, the best that she can, and hopes to inspire others to do the same. It's really important to have a support system to help you, and she hopes her campaign can offer people another form of support.

"We're just another place of support to go to". She said.

Dr. Manny Alvarez is an obstetrician-gynecologist, who interviewed Jamie-Lynn about her campaign. As a specialist in high-risk pregnancy, he shares his experience treating many women who had multiple sclerosis during their pregnancies. He knows that sometimes, women are afraid that their medications might affect their pregnancies. He advises that chronic condition is something that you can manage it in a way that doesn't alter your life.

"You can work around it." He says. "You can have a family. You can be active. You can have a job. You can be creative".

Reimagine Myself is a campaign that helps to show people living with multiple sclerosis the possibilities that can be achieved with good management of their condition.

Despite her condition, Jamie-Lynn stays busy as a working actress, full-time mom, and patient advocate. This year, she plays a colorful debate coach in the new movie, Loserville. She was also recently in a Western film, riding horses in New Mexico to shoot this fun, post-civil war movie. She has been working hard over the past few months launching her campaign, and she hopes that she provides support and inspires others living with multiple sclerosis. 

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