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How Jordin Sparks Contributed to Lymphoma Awareness Month

jordin sparks interviewed for lymphoma

How Jordin Sparks Contributed to Lymphoma Awareness Month

A cancer survivor interviewed Jordin Sparks about her work helping children who have survived blood cancer.

In the United States, over 1.3 million people are living with or survivors of blood cancer. Blood cancer is a deadly disease, causing a death every nine minutes.

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The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS) teamed up with Burlington Stores to raise awareness about this disease that affects the lives of millions of people. The support of Jordin Sparks was shared by the organization. She is an actress, singer and a cancer activist.

Years ago she won American idol and with her full makeover and new autumn wardrobe she surprised four other cancer survivors. She shared her experience with Rachel Weingarten, a makeup artist. She shared that she finds kids the "strongest little humans". They are so small yet have gone through leukemia and harsh treatment. Also with an incredibly positive attitude, they have gone through the hardships. These children may not understand what’s wrong with them, but they do know that they are hurt. She felt inspired when she heard them speaking joyfully about their remission. She wants everyone to live with pure happiness.

Jordin shared that someone she cares for was battling with the disease. Her friend’s mother was diagnosed with fatal melanoma and due to pancreatic cancer her great grandfather died. Jordin says that everyone knows somebody who is affected by cancer and by helping them she has learned countless lessons about empathy and community.

Jordin shared that we should be kind and make this world a better place. We do not know the other persons story when we meet them for the first time and we do not know what they are battling from. By understanding others, the sense of community can be strengthened. Jordin feels that being positive and upbeat is a choice. She always challenges the hardest choice that is being happy and joyful. She shared that when meeting others, she wants to have a positive attitude.

For representing herself in the positive light, Jordin as a role model feels extra responsible. She never wants anyone who meets her to feel disappointed. She always tries to be good to her fans and make efforts for them. Even on bad days she is ready to take photos and shares with them she did not have her best day. Jordin feels that one of her top priorities is her family. Her outlook on life has been shaped by them. She feels proud about the selfless acts of her mom and feels inspired by her.

She is still celebrating success in her career today, as an actress. She will soon be seen in the movie God Bless the Broken Road. In this movie she is playing the role of a girl named Bridget, the main character's best friend. And let's not forget about her singing career! She is creating her fourth album.

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