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Kite Pharmaceuticals Submits Application for New Lymphoma Therapy

Kite Pharmaceuticals: How Gilead affects Kite's CAR-T therapy

How Gilead affects Kite's CAR-T therapy

Recently, Kite Pharmaceuticals has been acquired by Gilead, and while their axicabtagene ciloleucel, or "Axi-Cel", MAA is still being reviewed, its accessability by patients if approved may be altered by this acquisition.

With the buzz around Kite Pharmaceuticals having a CAR-T product potentially nearing the market, many buyer's ears perked up. As it is so innovative, pricing for the therapy could serve to be very profitable for its corresponding pharmaceutical company, which is now Gilead. However, there may be significant backlash for attempting to price the therapy too highly, as many point out that the research behind CAR-T was largely funded by taxpayers.

Although heads of Gilead have not divulged specifics on potential costs, it would be safe to assume they will be high according to experts in the field. Evercore ISI analyst Joshua Schimmer explained that many investors assume the price will be somewhere between $400,000 and $500,000 per treatment. Some believe it to be even higher, as Maxim Jacobs, an analyst for Edison, stated that he would think the price would be closer to $750,000 per patient.