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Lesser-Known Facts About Lupus

Lupus affects more women of color as compared to white women and nine times more women than men

Most of the lupus patients are female. Men comprise only about 4-18% of lupus patients. The female to male ratio in lupus varies with age groups. One in every four children and early adolescents are diagnosed with lupus. About 6-10% of those with age 15-50 and diagnosed with lupus are males. Beyond age 50, cases of lupus in men drop as one in every nine patients are men.

Also, the mean age of the disease for men is about 40 but for women is 30. The fact that there are an increase cases of lupus in women than men suggest that there is a possible link between systematic lupus erythematosus and certain sex hormones. Women with lupus have unusually high levels of estrogen and low levels of testosterone.