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Living Life to the Fullest with Muscular Dystrophy

Leading Full Expressive Lives With MD

MD patients can lead full lives doing just about anything and many choose to enter the arts. Like just about everyone else MD patients love music too. Their limbs may not always allow them to participate in the way they would like to, but that didn’t stop a young MD guitar wiz in Vancouver’s passion and skill with playing the guitar that has seen him on stages all over the world playing with famous bands even with the deterioration of the muscles in his arms.

To better help with expressing their musical talents and interactive system with Laser Band by PlayAbility toys allows just about anyone that can lift a reaching tool of any sort to create music. The software boasts music from every genre in a laser controlled system and also has a hands-free option. There are activities designed for people with disabilities and it has been used by physical and occupational therapists as an active part of therapies to help stimulate the patient's hand-eye coordination, short term memory recall and motor functions.

Some MD patients choose a life of service, opting to use their disease to raise awareness of the disease and bring education to people who may not have knowledge of what MD is. They raise funding for research in the disease while also giving back to younger members of the MD community in the form of encouragement and inspiration.