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Living Life to the Fullest with Muscular Dystrophy

Simple Exercise to Stay Active

However many of the things that help with staying active are simple everyday exercises. Some children that are diagnosed with MD are excluded from school and playground activities, however a non motor symptom of MD can be depression caused by isolation. Many patients, both adults and children can feel alone in their disease and bothered by it. Children with MD should be encouraged to get involved in activities with other children as it not only helps with keeping the use of muscles longer, but it also helps them to develop social skills and be a part of peer groups that offer emotional support from interactions that are a normal part of childhood development.

All patients with MD can benefits from group physical activities, not just children. In a group setting the patient can initially engage in all the athletic activities that others are doing, some low impact activities should also be introduced that can carry over to when the patient is eventually in a wheelchair. Activities such as dancing where the patient is encouraged to express emotion should also be encouraged.